The University of Florida offers a variety of programs for individuals interested in learning more about One Health.

Master of Health Science in One Health

The Master of Health Science (MHS) Program provides one-on-one mentorship, coursework, and research opportunities, incorporating transdisciplinary, technical and analytical skills to address environmental and global health challenges.

PhD in Public Health, One Health Concentration

The PhD in Public Health, One Health Concentration provides multidisciplinary research training that focuses on the role of the environment in animal and human disease with an emphasis on infectious disease, nutrition and global health interventions.


The One Health certificate has been created to bring together graduate students and professionals to explore areas at the interface between animal, plant, human, environmental health and other disciplines. The program is composed of a four-course 12-credit curriculum with a flexible structure and is tailored to accommodate the interests of multidisciplinary students while grounding training in one health systems thinking. The certificate may be taken fully online.